Bromsgrove UKIP Branch Meeting 1st September 2014

Dear Members & Supporters,

Please come along and join your local UKIP branch meeting.

Time: 7.30pm start
Date:  Monday 1st September 2014
Location: The Ladybird Inn, Aston Fields, Bromsgrove,  B60 2DZ.
Upstairs function room

Directions: Follow the signs for Bromsgrove railway station. Parking available within the pub grounds.

Snacks available.

Please arrive a couple of minutes early to allow time to purchase a drink before the meeting starts. Thank you.

If you have any pressing items that you wish added to the agenda then please email me your ideas.

Kind regards,
Owen Davies
UKIP Bromsgrove Chairman

Young Independence Training Day

Young Independence, UKIP’s youth wing is hosting a training day and its annual conference in Birmingham this year. Both events are open to both UKIP members as well as YI members.

The training day will be on Friday 1st August at the Priority Rooms, Birmingham, a short walk from New Street Station. The day will cover public speaking, media/social media, policy, local election campaigning, building a YI county branch, setting up a YI university society plus extended Q&A. This will be a brilliant event for anyone planning to stand in the General Election in the local elections. We have speakers ranging from local MEP Bill Etheridge to YI Deputy Chairman Thomas Hoof and UKIP’s Head of Policy Tim Aker MEP, plus more besides.

The conference will be on Saturday 2nd August at The Birmingham Council Chambers. We have 20 speakers at our YI Conference including MEPs, YI Council members and more.

On the Saturday evening we will be celebrating with a boat party down the canal from 7pm till 11pm.

More details are available from and tickets are available from

Tickets for the training day are free to YI members and £5 for UKIP members. Tickets for the conference are £5 for YI members and £10 for UKIP members.

Tickets for the boat party are £10 for everyone.

If you would like any more information or to get involved with Young Independence then please contact Jack Duffin, YI Chairman at  or call on 07926101528.

Many Thanks

The YI Council

Branch meeting

Dear Members & Supporters,

We will be holding our branch meeting on and at the following:

Date: Thursday 17th July 2014
Time: 7pm
Location: Community Room, 2 Station Approach, Barnt Green

Directions: Head for the railway station, landmark: Tony’s Handyman Centre on Hewell Road.

Refreshments available, tea, coffee and light-bites.

I look forward to your attendance.

Owen Davies.

UKIP Bromsgrove Branch Meeting 10/06/2014

The minutes of the meeting are available for download. Please click here Bromsgrove Branch Minutes, 10th June 14

Thank you to our members for coming along and helping shape the future of the branch. Furthermore, I would like to apologize if anyone was misled by the staff at the meeting venue. The meeting had been booked over a month in advance; they had failed to record the booking. I only found out when a supporter informed me afterwards that the staff told him that there was no booking.

Owen Davies

UKIP Triumph and Branch Meeting 10th June 2014

Dear Member/Supporter,

Politics in this country will never quite be the same again. Indeed, the triumph of UKIP in the recent local and European elections has shaken the political establishment to the core; and has the ability, so the commentators would have us believe, to break the leadership of the Europhile Liberal Democrats. Within the last 100 years, no other party except UKIP have won a national election over the Conservative Party or the Labour Party. A truly remarkable achievement.

Looking to Bromsgrove, UKIP won the area with the highest share of the vote. Albeit, it was a close run against the Conservative Party, please take a look at the top 4 voting scores:

1st place: UK Independence Party with 9,264
2nd place: Conservative Party with 8,629
3rd place: Labour Party with 4,150
4th place: Green Party with 1,340

These results demonstrate that Bromsgrove will now be a battleground between UKIP and the Tories in the 2015 general and district elections.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting the party. Every bit of support makes a huge difference; whether it be simply voting UKIP, encouraging family and friends to support us, displaying posters and correx boards or risking one’s fingers leafleting. Allow me to poach a little known slogan: ‘Every little helps.’

Furthermore, I would like to invite you to attend our branch meeting. Please help shape the direction of your local branch and join us in celebrating our success in 2014.

Time & Date: 7pm on Tuesday 10th June 2014

Venue: The Ladybird Inn (upstairs function room), Aston Fields, Bromsgrove, B60 2DZ

If you have any issues you would like discussed at the branch meeting then please write to me or email me on I look forward to seeing you then.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Owen Davies
UKIP Bromsgrove Chairman

Local Election Results 2014

UKIP Bromsgrove would like to extend a great ‘well done’ to our fellow UKIP branches in Redditch and Wyre Forest.

Redditch gaining 2 district councillors

Wyre Forest gaining 5 district councillors and 1 town councillor

UKIP is steadily making inroads into the Midlands.

Don’t believe the lies of desperate Labour

UKIP Head of policy Tim Aker last night warned voters not to believe Labour’s misinformation and lies about the party.

Mr Aker confirmed UKIP’s commitment to the NHS free at the point of delivery – despite groups linked to Labour claiming the opposite.

And he warned voters that in fact it is Labour insiders who have an agenda to make people for the NHS and cut the state pension.

Mr Aker said: “Labour are the party that carried on the PFI project in the NHS. In addition their open borders policies turned it into an international health service, costing £2bn per year. 

“Only recently Labour’s Lord Warner announced plans to charge NHS patients £10 a month to use the NHS.  Labour are only putting around lies about UKIP to hide their own agenda. 

“UKIP will defend the NHS and services you rely on.  Money can be saved from the quangos and we can get better value but we support and defend the policy that healthcare should be free at the point of need.  The other parties want cuts at home while sending £55m a day to the EU and increasing foreign aid.  UKIP believes charity begins at home.”

He added: “Labour’s Rachel Reeves, shadow work and pensions secretary, admitted recently that they would include the state pension in their social security spending cap, which will cut the state pension. 

“UKIP opposes any transfer of powers to the EU.  Westminster should decide on maternity and worker rights – not the EU. This is why we vote against proposals like these in the European Parliament.  What we give to the EU we cannot get back.  UKIP campaigns to get British workers back into employment.  We oppose the over-use of zero hours contracts. 

“We want social housing to be prioritised for residents with strong local links.  We want work permits to fill skills gaps but we want to create as many opportunities and chances for everyone in this country as we possibly can. This is a positive agenda to support and strengthen the British workforce. Don’t fall for Labour’s dirty tricks in this election.”

Tim Akers, UKIP Head of Policy